Online monitoring system with Ethernet sensors!

online monitorovaci system
New - program DBS Sensor Monitor for online data acquisition and analysis from Comet temperature, humidity, pressure sensors.
For easy monitoring of sensors and online visualization of actual values and alarms.


TÜV SÜD certification of temperature recorders!

temperature recorder
Comet data loggers are now certified by TÜV SÜD
to conform EN12830, Class 1 -
Temperature recorders for the transport of chilled, frozen food and ice cream
- also for the transport of pharmaceuticals, flowers, live animals and other goods.
- included traceable calibration certificate.


New humidistats H3060, H3061 !

Now directly powered from mains 110 to 240V / 50Hz to 60Hz.

Now with power relay outputs 250Vac/8A to control external devices directly.


Rack 19" mount environment monitor!

rack monitor

New remote data center monitoring system Hx531R
- temperature, humidity, power presence, flood, smoke, air flow, room entry, ..


New event data logger !

event recorder
New event data recorder is available.

- four channels
- record of door opening / closing
- monitoring of running hours of a machine
- record of technological processes
- communication via RS232,USB,Ethernet,GSM
- battery life 4 years
- robust case


Backup power supplies for data logger MS6D, MS5

data logger
Now backup power supplies for data acquisition system MS6D are available.
Power supplies provide uninterrupted operation in case of mains power failure.


New Low Cost Calibrated Data Logger!

temperature data logger

Now low cost temperature data logger S0110E is available.
- Fully equipped economy model for applications with lower accuracy required.
- Robust watertight immersible IP67 case
- Conforms to EN 12830 and EN 13486 for the transport of food.
- Included traceable calibration certificate.

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